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WELDBrush 300 Starter Set

(Før 10.000,00)
5.000,00  DKK
The WELDBrush 300 is the basic model which is especially popular for its simple operation and low price, but suitable for finishing all the jobs neatly. This device is able to remove discoloration on welding seams easily or at a rapid rate without aggressive agents, or as we call it:  'pickling without stain' , because no toxic substances are used. The stainless steel can also be directly passivated with the same movement.
With the high power, this device can handle the toughest work with ease. All TIG and MIG welds and heat traces are free from discolouration within seconds without leaving any traces. A 100% duty cycle that allows continuous operation at the highest setting without the device overheating or thermal shutdown.

Due to the smart design, the WELDBrush 300 is very handy, and the weight of only 7.5 kg makes working on location very easy. The power can be set in 2 heights, marking / etching is also possible in combination with a template.

Package contents of the WELDbrush 300 starter set:
1 x WELDBrush 300 weld seam cleaner
1 x Power cable 230V (EU)
1 x Cable red - 3.5m - MDX> FDX
1 x Cable black - 3.5m - MDX> FDX
1 x Earth clamp - MDX
1 x Handle - MDX> FDX
1 x Connection piece - MDX> FM6T
1 x Protective cap for 1 brush - sliding
3 x Carbon fiber brush - standard - conical
1 x Storage box
1 x SCL-255 Cleaning liquid - 1L
1 x SCL-500 Neutralizing agent - 1L
1 x Liquid container - red lid
1 x Spray bottle - gray
5 x Microfibre cloth - red
5 x Microfibre cloth - gray
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