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10119.-20.-MINI FIX BRIGHTEX® Sun Polishing Disc - 60 x 5 mm, Hook and Loop - . 20.

20,00  DKK
BRIGHTEX® Polishing Discs
Berry item number 10118 (pre-polishing) & Sun (main polish) item number 10119
Polishing material that is already impregnated with BRIGHTEX® polishing paste
removes the time-consuming hassle of applying pastes and creams to give untreated
metal a shadow-free mirror finish
Benefits at a glance
Step 1: BRIGHTEX® Berry (pre-polishing):
• For applying a rapid high-gloss polish to all metals.
• Pre-polish and main polish in one – save on additional
Step 2: BRIGHTEX® Sun (main polish):
• A mirror finish that’s almost like chrome plating – perfect
• For a final high-gloss shine on polished metals.
• For removing any residual clouding and smears from all
Please note:
After changing pastes, always remove the polish residue from
the work-piece! As necessary, the backing can be re-wetted with
BRIGHTEX® pastes (see page 215).
• For reconditioning high-gloss surfaces which have been
polished mechanically.
• Ideal for use with polishing machines and
hand-held polishing tools.
• For the best results, use Eisenblätter care and cleaning
products for removing polish residues (see BRIGHTEX®
Softclean Powder page 216, POWER CLEANER page 219).
• With centring hole for backing pads with centring pins.
• Completely new high-tech paste formulation for metals.
• For immediate use without additional pastes and creams!

Product information "MINI FIX BRIGHTEX Berry + Sun polishing discs"

The polishing material already pre-soaked with BRIGHTEX® polishing paste gives untreated metal a shadow-free mirror shine and makes the annoying and time-consuming application of pastes and creams superfluous.

Step 1: Top high gloss thanks to BRIGHTEX® Berry polishing paste, even through the oxide layers that are still present.
Step 2: Mirror shine almost like chrome-plated thanks to BRIGHTEX® Sun polishing paste.


  • For repolishing and reconditioning mechanically polished surfaces.
  • Completely newly developed high-tech paste recipe for metals.
  • Pre-polishing and main polishing in one - saving additional work steps.
  • Can be used immediately without additional pastes and creams! If necessary, the disc can be rewetted with BRIGHTEX® pastes.
  • Material thickness 5 mm.
  • Ideal speed 6,000 - 8,000 min-1.
  • Maximum speed 19,000 min-1.
  • Environmentally friendly fiber carrier material.
  • MINI FIX Velcro mount with centering hole.
  • Ideal for use with polishing machines and hand-held polishing devices.

Recommendation: Use with soft damping adapter for even better workpiece adaptation.

Note: Always remove polishing residues from the workpiece after changing the paste! This works best with Eisenblätter care and cleaning agents (BRIGHTEX® Softclean Powder, Power Cleaner).


Workable materials: All metals, Aluminum, Cast metal, Hard metals, Non-ferrous metals, Stainless steel, Steel
Suitable for Eisenblätter machine: Drilling machine, Flexible shaft with 6 mm mount, MINI MAX, MINI MAX 1100, MINI MAX AKKU, MINI MAX PRO 1000, VARILEX 1100, VARILEX 1802 HT, VARILEX AKKU 18V, VARILEX AKKU PRO HT, VARILEX WSF 900 DUO, VARILEX WSF 905, VARILEX WSF 1000, VARILEX WSF 1600, VARILEX WSF 1800
Product type: Polishing discs
Grit: Berry (pre polish), Sun (mirror finish)
Dimensions: 60 mm
Tool mount: MINI FIX Hook and Loop fast changing system
Product shape: flat
Backing material: Velcro material


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