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38801.-1.-ROHR SNIPER® 802 HT basic set (EU) - 1.750 watts, 220 - 240 volts - min. 1pcs

10.216,00  DKK
Robust, balanced hand-held machine for quick pipe machining with a high-quality, milled lever system that immediately encloses 2/3 of the diameter of the pipe to be machined! This means that, for the first time, the entire pipe diameter can be ground and polished from a single working position! Very precise, stable mechanism of high-quality milled aluminium.

• Minimal force required due to the revolutionary, sophisticated enclosure system.
• The true 2/3 enclosure (for diameters of 30 to 42 mm) allows machining pipes through 360 degrees from a single position. The arms are closed by pulling a lever.
• Ideal for pipe diameters of 25-70 mm.
• Innovative technology: Gas pressure damping system reduces force required and allows pipe to be gently enclosed.
• The balanced shaft handle with non-slip rubber inserts allows the tool to be operated easily in any conceivable position.
• Extremely powerful, durable motor (1,750 W) and new HT (high torque) transmission mechanics for wearresistant power transmission – made entirely in Germany.
• Planetary gear provides maximum torque throughout the speed range (820 to 3,000 rpm, belt speed 3-9 m/sec) with a tacho-generator for constant speed, even under load.
• New, optimised milled aluminium building components for reduced weight.
• Robust lever mechanism of high-quality milled materials for professional use and especially long service life (patented).

1 PIPE SNIPER® 802 HT basic machine
1 pre-installed DUST PREVENT SYSTEM
1 particulate matter protection cap
3 Special Zirconium belts 40 x 780 mm
1 Special SC fleece belt 40 x 780 mm
10 Replacement drive rubber rings
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