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91724.-40.-TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® - 125 x 22,2 mm, grit 40, flap disc for steel/INOX - min. 40pcs

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The TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® is a high-performance flap disc for steel. It is designed to deliver extremely long service life and exceptional material removal for modern steel machining operations. The newly developed pure zirconium cloth with cooling agents and great abrasive content makes it ideal for machining all grades of steel up to stainless steel. The backing plate is made of natural fibre and is environmentally and user-friendly while adjusting flexibly to the workpiece, guaranteeing smooth grinding transitions. The TRIMFIX® BLACKMAMBA® can be trimmed, allowing significant tool cost saving. Up to 4 kg of steel can be removed using just one BLACK MAMBA® Ø 125 mm grit 40 disc.

• The high-performance flap disc offers exceptional service life and material removal for steel and stainless steel.
• Newly developed pure zirconium cloth with cooling agents guarantee cool grinding and performance throughout the service life.
• Sets new performance records with a nominal removal rate of up to 4 kg of steel (depending on grit size).
• Ideal workpiece adaptation ensures especially soft grinding transitions.
• Elastic, high-tech natural fibre compound backing plate is easy on the environment and the user (CO2neutral), fully trimmable so that the entire disc can be used, damps noise and vibration.
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