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N004 - Ideal for rectangular tubes and bars finishing up to 120mm width.

81.148,00  DKK


Max width 120mm
Dry finishing
1-2 stations

Ideal for rectangular tubes and bars finishing up to 120mm width.

FC120 flat finishing machines were developed thinking in the simplicity of operation whenever flat bars, rectangular tubes or flat elements need to be belt finished or polished.

These machines enable the work up to 120mm width with a range of 2 possible combinations of belt heads and brushes.

FC120 Z has one abrasive belt unit, while FC120 ZK combines the abrasive belt head with an abrasive brush.

Features and Components
Abrasive Belt Head:
finishes and removes imperfections from square and rectangular tubes, flat bars, or any flat components
Abrasive Brush Head: applies a smooth finish after the belt grinding operation with a non-woven brush
Square or Rectangular Tube Finishing: the FC120 ZK applies a high-quality finish to both stainless-steel tubes and flat bars
Quick Abrasive Belt Replacement: replacing the abrasive belt is a tool-free, fast, and easy procedure that can be done in just a few seconds

FC120 ZK Flat Finishing Machine
- Thickness gauge

Optional features:
- Speed inverter for conveyor belt (4-15 m/min.) (FG031)
- Speed inverter for abrasive belt (10-25 m/s) (1 per belt unit) (FG033)
- Speed inverter for abrasive brush (5-15 m/s) (1 per brush unit) (FG036)
Please call and ask for prices tlf: +45 43696910

The dust extractor is A200, you can find this on the webshop

Prices is without transport and training


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