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N004 - LMD2500 is a long belt machine with a flexible abrasive belt that enables flat surface finishing

174.220,00  DKK


2500mm table

1 station

Metal sheets or welded structures weld grinding and finishing.

The LMD2500 is a long belt machine with a flexible abrasive belt that enables flat surface finishing, as well as corners or the edges of materials.

The LMD has a 2500x850mm working table which makes it possible to finish large structures.

This machine is ideal for irregular shapes polishing as well as for weld removal. The flexible and adjustable table is useful when, because of the large dimensions of the materials to be finished, you are unable to move the piece.

With the LMD2500 you move the table by motor and use the adaptability of the long belt together with several grinding tools to finish the areas you need.




Working capacity (mm) 2500x850x700
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm) 7800x120
Abrasive belt speed (m/s) 20
Main motor (kW) 4
Total power (kW) 5
Consumption (A) 9
Dust extraction connection per head (Ø mm) 120
Dimensions (mm) 4000x1600x2000
Weight (kg) 920

Flat Surface Finishing with Contact Roller: rectangular tubes and other flat surfaces can be finished using the contact roller.
This roller is designed with a swing system to provide a better adaptability to the shape of the part.

Metal Sheet Hairline Finishing with Flat Pad: A fine hairline finish can be achieved on any metal sheet using the flat pad tool

Weld Grinding and Polishing of Welded Boxes: The LMD2500 can remove welds from and polish stainless-steel boxes and other welded structures.
The flexibility of the abrasive belt allows a 90-degree turn to cover different corners of metal structures.

Laser-cut Parts Deburring: Laser-cut parts can be effortlessly deburred on the LMD2500 using a deburring disc fixed on a flexible rubber backing.
Pressure is applied mainly to the edges of the part, grinding away burrs on both the internal and external countours of the part.
Laser-cut Parts Edge Rounding: Edge rounding on big and small parts. The operator can easily transport the brushing station all along the work table
Diffuse Scotch Finishing: A diffuse finish on the surface of the part can be achieved using a non-woven/scotch disc.

Features and Benefits
Large Surface Finishing: Due to the width of the table (2.5m), this machine allows for great flexibility in terms of the size of the parts it can handle.
Interchangeable Finishing Tools: Single carrier in counterweight system with an easy clamping system to use the flat finishing pad or the contact roller
Adjustable Tension: Abrasive belt tension is exerted pneumatically. The pneumatic feature enables different levels of belt tensioning.

Long Belt Finishing
Manual Pad: The manual pad is ideal to adjust the welded edges to flex the abrasive belt and grind those areas
Flexible Deburring/Edge Rounding Station (OPTION): The deburring/edge rounding station enables an easy interchange between grinding discs, scotch pads and deburring/edge rounding brushes.
A high adhesion rubber mat (1000x600mm) is provided to allow you to work with both big and small parts
Tool Holder: for storage of the tool you are not using on the counterweight carrier (contact roller or flat tool).
Control panel: easy to use and placed at a central position always reachable to the operator.
Quick access to the machine control: table movement, belt or tool speed and selection of working tool

The suggested Dust extractor is AS200, you can find this on the webshop

Prices do not include packaging, transport, installation, and training​​​​​​​

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